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The Realize Process

Wednesday, December 12, 2012 by Ray

One thing that’s exciting about visiting Realize is the tour of our facility.

Rapid Prototyping not only sounds like something cool, it’s an interesting process.

Watching the team take on new projects is something special…so I snuck in one day and bothered them to give you this report.

I give you…the Realize process…or at the very least my version of it:)  Enjoy  – Ray


Step 1 – contact

Our friendly client success managers will answer and ask questions to find out the scope of your project to find the best solutions for you, in between group sing a longs and youtube viewing parties of course.

Friendly CSM!

Step 2 – Quoting

We will then work on getting your quote. It’s a formula driven estimate that combines equipment and a human element. And other technical stuff too I’m sure…but could not find pictures of that.

Some serious staged pointing going on here.

 Step 3- Stereolithography process

Once we agree on a direction for your project then we execute the stereolithography process. This is science and art driven. Our expertise will provide the best part in the end. I misspelled Stereolithography several times in this post btw.

NEVER stare directly into the lasers…

 Step 4 – The Machines!

Our machines not only are state of the art, we also have named each of them after supermodels. It’s where science and fun come together in a truly magical way.

Rapid Prototyping has never looked better!

Step 5 – Clean up

The clean up process involves several steps. Removing Support, liquid resin stripped away and a curing process. There are many secrets we can’t reveal that occur during this phase…I could tell you but then I would have to…well you know.


Step 6-Delivery

You will get the finest prototype part that can be created combining technology and the human element…and some candy too!

What is a part, or anything really without some candy?


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