Stereolithography (SLA)

With twelve SLA® Systems in our lab, we have the capacity to respond quickly to your critical timeline.


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We are known for our outstanding part quality, quick deliveries, our unmatched personalized customer service.

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Realize SLA Materials Comparison Sheet

“The people at Realize, Inc. understand the meaning behind rapid prototyping. They have always delivered what I needed by the time I requested and some of these requests were incredibly urgent. The quality of their work is always top notch, which always delights our customer. Usually my requests are for very large models that would require multiple cuts and too much time to build on our smaller 250-machine. They have always produced fantastic results. Best of all though has to be just working with their whole company. It is always a pleasure to work with such a friendly, knowledgeable and can-do-attitude group of people. They understand my needs and always deliver a quality product. I would and have recommended Realize, Inc for any of your rapid prototyping needs.”

Senior Mechanical Engineer, Raytheon Technical Services Company

Realize, Inc. proudly specializes in Stereolithography (SLA®), the original 3D Printing technology, with an iPro™ 9000 SLA® Center, an iPro™ 8000 SLA® Center, a ProJet® 7000 HD System, seven Viper™ SLA® Systems and two SLA-5000 Systems.  Our iPro systems exhibit one of the largest build platforms available today.  With an envelope of 25″x29″x21″ each, we can handle big parts with ease.  At the opposite end of the spectrum, our Vipers are capable of reproducing small parts with extremely fine detail when utilizing a High-Resolution (HR) build style.  With twelve various SLA® Systems in our lab, we have the capacity to respond quickly to your critical timeline.  For the fastest response, please use RealFastQuotes!, our instant online SLA quoting system that also gives you the ability to place orders.  Also, don’t forget to visit our Custom Finishing page to learn about ways to enhance the appearance your SLA model.


Our Equipment:


1                                                              1                                     1

iPro™ 9000                                                                    iPro™ 8000                          ProJet® 7000 HD System
SLA® Center                                                               SLA® Center


Build Envelope                                                           Build Envelope                              Build Envelope
25″x29″x21″                                                                   25″x29″x21″                                    15″x15″x10″

7                                                          2

Viper™ SLA®                                                           SLA-5000
Systems                                                                    Systems


Build Envelope                                                      Build Envelope
10″x10″x10″                                                               20″x20″x23″
5″x5″x10″ (HR)


Our Materials:


Please contact us for our easy-to-read material properties comparison sheet or for more information on how to receive a FREE material sample kit!

Somos® 8120 (Polyethylene-like)

An excellent choice for functional applications where accuracy, flexibility, and impact strength are critical requirements.

Accura® 25 (Polypropylene-like)

An opaque, off-white material that is durable and flexible.

Accura® Xtreme (Polypropylene/ABS-like)

A tough, opaque gray material for applications requiring durability and impact resistance.

Somos® ProtoGen™ 18420 (ABS-like)

An excellent general purpose, white resin that can be thermally postcured to increase the heat deflection temperature to ~200°F.  Although not FDA approved, this medical-grade material has passed USP Class VI and ISO 10993 biocompatibility testing when specific cleaning procedures are followed.

Accura® ABS Black (ABS-like) (Formerly called RenShape SL7820)

A black, durable material for a variety of applications.

Somos® WaterShed™ XC 11122 (ABS-like)

A strong, rigid medical-grade material that retains its properties in a variety of environmental conditions.  It is clear and nearly colorless when properly post processed.  This material has also passed USP Class VI and ISO 10993 biocompatibility testing when specific cleaning procedures are followed.  XC 11122 may also be used to produce QuickCast™ patterns for investment casting.

Somos® NeXt (ABS-like)

A white, high-performance material with an unbeatable combination of stiffness and toughness for your functional testing needs.

Accura® 60 (Polycarbonate-like)

This stiff material is a popular choice for wind tunnel models and QuickCast™ patterns for investment casting.  It can also be post processed to achieve a clear model.

Somos® PerFORM (Composite)

Realize is proud to have been the first installed vat of Somos® PerFORM in the US. This strong, stiff, high-temperature resistant composite material is useful for a variety of applications.


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