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Realize Featured Project: 3D Ukulele Prototype

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 by Ray

Realize enjoys the many different types of projects that we work on throughout the year, but every once in awhile we get to create something that is near and dear to our heart. Take for example a recent project for Outdoor Ukulele. They wanted us to create a prototype of their new tenor instrument. Brian Cazzell, the lead on the project, talks about the creation of the 3D Ukulele prototype.

“When Scott from Outdoor Ukulele contacted us, he said his biggest challenge was finding someone who could build a full scale prototype of his tenor ukulele using polycarbonate-like resin.  He stated the material that would be used in final production was polycarbonate and we were the only provider that could accomplish this for his prototype version.  We had the perfect size machine and material combination for him, which is the SLA 5000 and Accura 60 resin.  I was extremely excited to be a part of the project due to my personal interest in musical instruments.  This made the project go smoothly because we spoke the same language in terms of the components that were being used in the assembly of his prototype. I look forward to future projects with Scott and Outdoor Ukulele!”

We talked with Scott Seelye from Outdoor Ukulele about the project.

Tell me about your company.

We manufacture ukuleles designed for the outdoor environment. The production instruments are injection molded from glass filled polycarbonate. We sell instruments all over the world. They have been used in expeditions to the Arctic, across the Amazon, and sailing voyages.

How is your company using 3D Printing and how did Realize help you with this project?

Realize helped us create a working prototype for our upcoming tenor ukulele. Realize was the only company that was willing to attempt a part this size, which we would use as a working instrument.


What are the biggest challenges when it comes to your 3D projects?

Our biggest challenge with prototyping an instrument is receiving a part with the tolerances required to make it playable. The scale length and fret locations need to be exact. The parts we received from Realize gave us an instrument so close to the real thing, customers thought they were already in production.

What was the overall experience like working with Realize?

Our experience with Realize was wonderful. Quite often, you don’t receive this level of service from a prototype company unless you’re a Fortune 500 company. Realize is now our only approved prototype company.

If you want to own one of these beauties, here is the link…

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