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Realize Employee Profiles – Brian Cazzell

Friday, December 07, 2012 by Ray

Brian Cazzell

What do you do at Realize?

I’m a Client Success Manager – manage and oversee projects and quotes for clients. Finding solutions for prototyping challenges, helping them pick out material. Finding a different way to make parts. It’s a collaborative effort with the client.

What separates Realize from the competition?

Personalized service and we have an expert level of knowledge. We deliver project management, not just at sale but we are with you through the entire project. Most places seem to be behind the scenes, we are hands on. We assist in picking out production materials. For example a client calls in with an order that will be a polyethylene based plastic at a production level and they are looking for something in the Rapid Prototyping world that will mimic that…we consult and discuss all the resin choices. We try to educate them upfront about price vs quality.

Name some of your favorite things in the world.

Music, electric guitar (Ibanez RG old beater put together pieces parts) and my fav amp is a PV JSX half stack can’t turn up past shakes the house. If you asked me to play something for you it would be Crushing Day  by Joe Satriani. I love motor sports of all kinds. Enjoy watching my son take off  in sports like football and track. I have two boys 14 and 17…one is in culinary arts at high school

Favorite meal?

Good country fried steak mashed potatoes and gravy – it’s best in Texas… really at any  restaurant..

What music are you listening to right now?

Foo Fighters on Spotify was the most recent thing…

You can take two movies with you to space…which do you bring?

Vacation – the original, and Nacho Libre

One word that describes you?


One item from your life that you would like to Rapid Prototype?

My 72 Gran Torino Ford….I went to car shows with my family and bought the car at one so it meant a lot to me….

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