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Realize Client Profile: ChordBuddy

Wednesday, March 13, 2013 by Ray


Realize your potential on the guitar!
One of our clients kind of went all “Hollywood” on us.
ChordBuddy is a product that makes learning to play the guitar easier than ever.
Travis Perry is the creator of the device that’s been featured on the television show Shark Tank and is also endorsed  by country western star John Rich.



Realize President Todd Reese fancies himself a bit of a guitar hero and this project was right in his wheelhouse.


“ChordBuddy was a very fun and challenging project for us. From our early conversations with Travis, everything clicked. Rapid prototyping (stereolithography specifically) was used to produce several iterations of the ChordBuddy. It was important to produce each iteration with a high attention to detail, tolerances, functionality, and appearance. Detailed features and tight tolerances were very important to maintain in order to demonstrate how the device properly attaches to a guitar and also to demonstrate the correct feel of the removable tabs as they slide in and out of the device. The prototypes were also required to be functional and we had to make use of more than one material to accomplish this, in addition to incorporating metal hardware. On top of that, the models needed to look like the real deal, and that required paint. To balance those requirements was challenging, and necessary for Travis to prove his concept. In the end it worked great and one of the final prototypes we produced is even featured in an early ChordBuddy commercial. We are so happy to have played a role in the development of the ChordBuddy and it has been a real treat to watch its success via Shark Tank and Travis’s hard work.”


We caught up with Travis to find out how Rapid Prototyping helped with his product development.


Tell us about your business?

We make and sell “Chordbuddy” the fastest way to learn guitar.

2- How is Rapid Prototyping used by your company? 
We had several prototypes made to make sure we had the design right before spending the money to have the molds made.

3- What services and projects did you partner with Realize on? 
SLA and prototypes.

4- How was the experience working with Realize?
 GREAT!!!! VERY Professional

5- Where is your business headed in the future?
 We are starting to develop other products to support our base product.
If you could select one personal item to be created or duplicated using Rapid Prototyping technology, what would that be?  
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