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Realize assists with the fastest disc in the world!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013 by Ray

Recently we stopped in to visit our good friends over at Zipp to find out what they have been working on. I talked with Eric Hoiland (Design Engineer – Zipp) about the Super-9 Carbon Clincher Disc which is the fastest wheel ever. Realize had a small role in the design process and we are thrilled to be mentioned in any way with a product of this caliber.

Realize: Why a disc wheel as opposed to a spoked wheel?

Eric: A disc wheel is much faster from an aerodynamics stand point. The drag on this wheel versus a spoked wheel is leaps and bounds better, so if you are doing specific racing- like time trialing where drag is way more important than weight, everyone turns to a disc.

Realize: How did Realize help you with this project?

Eric: Realize delivered the prototypes of our hub shell. We recently moved from 10-speeds on the rear to 11-speeds so a couple things changed internally along with that, so I had Realize Rapid Prototype the shell and I was able to press in the bearings in the shell. I was able to get a really good dimensional check on all that stuff.

Realize: How often do you use Rapid Prototyping when working on new projects and parts?

Eric: I try to turn Rapid Prototyping as much as possible. It saves money and it’s faster. I would much rather catch a dimensional mistake on a rapid prototype as opposed to six real prototypes.

Realize: You could say that Realize may have helped to win a few races…

Eric: Realize had a direct influence this 11-speed hub that is now on the fastest disc in the world.

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